Techno Acoustic Decorative Wall Panels

Techno Acoustic Panel

These are plain wall panels that can take different designs according to your requirement. Techno Acoustic Panels are ideally suited for places that require quiet surroundings where conversations don’t get disturbed by ambient noise.

Techno Acoustic Baffles

Techno Acoustic Baffle

Techno Acoustic Baffles offer an innovative ceiling acoustic solution that can maximise the design quotient without compromising on the degree of noise reduction. Baffles are highly customisable and can turn your creative imagination into reality.

Techno Acoustic Float

Techno AcoustiFloat

Techno Acoustic Floats provide ceiling acoustic solution with complete versatility. They can add beauty by taking any shape – square, triangle, circle, hexagon, etc.

Techno Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Techno Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Techno Acoustic Ceiling Tiles can not only provide the acoustic advantage but also add colours and vibrancy to the plain ceiling tiles. When you substitute the regular tiles with Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, you can reduce noise in the room to a significant extent.

techno acoustic print panel

Techno Acoustic Print Panels

Techno Acoustic Print Panels add a design edge to your overall space. Our in-house printing facility can produce printed panels with any design that you wish. Print Panels offer a unique blend of aesthetics as well as functionality.  The decorative element using pictures of your choice helps you build a theme or aura besides keeping conversations private.

Techno Acoustic Laser Cut Panels

Techno Acoustic Laser Cut Panels

Techno Acoustic Laser-cut Panels can define any design with ease and sophistication. It adds up to the aesthetic value of the overall interiors along with reducing reverberated noise from the surrounding.


Techno Acoustic Screens

Techno Acoustic Screens are partitions that act as a room or section dividers without making the room look dull or boring. Acoustic Screens are available in multiple colours and can adapt any pattern. They add uniqueness to space.

Techno Acoustic Cell Ceiling

Techno Acoustic Cell Ceiling

Techno Acoustic Cell Ceilings is an innovative product that is tailor-made to modernise the entire look of the space. Cell Ceilings offer an ideal choice when you want to want to differentiate the interiors.

acoustic grooved panel

Techno Acoustic Grooved Panel

Techno Acoustic Grooved Panels are stylish and classy. They are simple yet carry a design quotient which can bring life to the entire space. The Grooved Panels accentuate the living or working spaces with style without compromising on the functionality of acoustic panels.

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