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Acoustic Panels for Every Need

We cater to an extensive variety of requirements. Be they aesthetic, functional or a fine blend of
both, our products and solutions attempt to incorporate the client’s preferences and our expertise.

The fundamental panel that creates an optimum balance between absorption and reflection with ample opportunities for tweaking aesthetics.

Wall Panels

Embodying freedom and concealment at the same time, the Open Cell system allows for light and shadow play in tandem with the right acoustic treatment.

Open Cell

Modernist, striking panels that absorb sound from both sides. Ideal for a curated, sensorial experience that relies on soundscapes.


Suspended aesthetic and acoustic architecture like none other. Diverts from fixed designs and tailored to absorb variable frequencies.


This versatile variant envelops areas and provides acoustic enclosures without the feeling of confinement.


Going beyond walls to tame acoustic issues, our ceiling tiles augment the existing benefits of false ceilings while providing superior acoustic control.


Features and Benefits

A striking assortment of category-disrupting features sets us apart from the
competition, providing world-class quality via homegrown expertise.


Our products offer an NRC range between our products offer an NRC of up to 0.9, which effectively means that they’re perfectly sound absorbent across the board.

Responsible Sourcing

Our focus on sustainability extends to our manufacturing process, where we use industrial-grade Polyester Fiber made by recycling PET from plastic bottles.


As a brand of Techno Ceiling Products – the largest manufacturer of modular ceilings in India, we possess a long legacy of satisfied clients and potent experience.


All our products are light, airy and fantastically flexible.

Fortress-Grade Resistance

Our product compositions ensure long, durable lifespans with their ferocious resilience against the elements.


With our in-house manufacturing, and customization capabilities, your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to sourcing from us.

Supplying and delivering
across the world

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Who Are We

From the inception of Techno Ceilings (today the largest manufacturer of modular ceilings in India), we’ve had an eye for spotting opportunities in the construction industry while providing solutions that possess world-class quality while also being competitively priced. The establishment of Techno AcousticTM follows this trend of continuous innovation. In a rapidly short span of time, we have become the go-to provider of end-to-end Acoustic Solutions in the India while rapidly accumulating a roster of satisfied clients from the world over.

Aesthetic and Aural
Perfection; Redefined

While acoustic panels are largely viewed in a functional light, our approach is drastically different. We firmly believe that form and function both need to blend together to definitively create a holistic impact on the senses of those who visit built environments and spaces. We go the extra mile to usher in a better quality of life in environments that generate stress and noise pollution in tandem with ensuring that our solutions blend into the aesthetics, design and overall vision for that particular space.

Our Satisfied Clients

Our clients are giants and captains of industry in their own right. While our focus has been on indigenous markets, we’ve also made concrete progress in overseas climes with the intent to keep growing