Our Extensive Portfolio

Wall Panels

The fundamental panel that creates an optimum balance between absorption and reflection with ample opportunities for tweaking aesthetics. Suitable for places that require quiet surroundings, ensuring that conversations aren’t interrupted by ambient noise.

Open Cell

Embodying freedom and concealment at the same time, the Open Cell system allows for light and shadow play in tandem with the right acoustic treatment. Extremely suited for commercial spaces that use a plenum (for HVAC, typically), which is concealed in an artful fashion.


Modernist, striking panels that absorb sound from both sides. Ideal for a curated, sensorial experience that relies on soundscapes. Can be used to treat large spaces with high ceilings, given their variable installation potential and large surface area.


Suspended aesthetic and acoustic architecture like none other. Diverts from fixed designs and tailored to absorb variable frequencies. Ideal for spaces that need to add thematic ambience, in addition to providing optimal acoustic treatment.


Larger than the conventional panel, this versatile variant envelops areas and provides acoustic enclosures without the feeling of confinement. Can prudently divide spaces without adding a drab/dour effect, lending a certain uniqueness to existing built environments.


Going beyond walls to tame acoustic issues, this range of ceiling tiles augments the existing benefits of false ceilings while providing superior acoustic control. Ideal for smaller, more intimate spaces as well as larger, flat roofed structures alike.